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With more than 25 years of Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Finance experience in business aviation, Kirti Bhimani is the founder and Managing Director of Jetavia Limited.

Born in Kenya, Kirti moved to the UK in 1974. After completing his higher education which culminated with a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the City University in London, he spent a couple of years at the Greater London Council (local government) in finance.

In 1985 he joined British Aerospace in their Corporate Aircraft Division as an Aircraft Sales Engineer. Within two years, he was promoted to a Sales Executive and then two years later to Regional Sales Director (RSD). As an RSD, he was responsible for sales and marketing of HS-125 (now Hawker) and Jetstream business jet products for India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and East Africa.

During his employment at British Aerospace, Kirti achieved significant results, notably the sale of first Hawker 800 business jets into India and Malaysia. He also organised several aircraft demo tours and represented the company at a number of major international trade shows.

Following the sale of Corporate Aircraft Division to Raytheon in 1993, Kirti left the company and set up Jetavia. Whilst his early decision was to focus on Hawker products, Kirti soon gained experience of buying and selling other business jet models. To-date he has bought and sold Hawkers, Citations, Challengers, Falcons, Gulfstreams and Boeings.

In his free time time, Kirti enjoys sports and has a passion for music and drama and has performed both on stage and screen. He speaks English and Hindi.

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