With Jetavia, you can rely on services underpinned by two decades of experience combined with a deep sense of market knowledge and a network of worldwide contacts.

The purchase of a multi-million dollar aircraft may be one of the biggest investment for any company or individual. With a wide variety of aircraft available for sale worldwide, finding the right one and keeping yourself from overpaying can be a challenge, especially for those who don't spend much time studying the pre-owned aircraft market. Mistakes can be costly.

Every purchase of an aircraft will involve substantial amount of negotiation and evaluation. Intelligent negotiations and decisions can only be achieved by having the best available information to work from. We call it the due diligence process.

Usually there are a wide variety of aircraft to choose from within a particular market. Besides the obvious points- such as suitability for purpose and price, each aircraft offers its own unique set of "value-added" variables ranging from age, avionics, inspection status, modifications, condition of the paint and interior, damage history etc...

Anyone can find an aircraft on the internet, but how do you pick out the right one? This is where Jetavia’s professional guidance as well as market and technical knowledge and transactional experience comes into its own.

Our experienced team is expert in evaluating each of these variables and we specialize in helping clients identify the best deal in a particular market. We not only match buyers to aircraft, but also ensure that what they are buying meets the import requirements of the country where the aircraft will be registered and there are no nasty surprises with regard to legal title and registration.

Remember, you are not just buying an aircraft for the present, you are also investing in the future resale value.

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