Aircraft Acquisitions

Finding you the best deal for your investment

At Jetavia we are committed to working closely with our clients and their respective professional advisers in seeking the best acquisition deal.

When you are looking to acquire a new or a pre-owned aircraft, Jetavia offers an individual and personal acquisition service to suit your needs and requirements. We work on your behalf to source the most suitable aircraft for your individual requirements.

Our comprehensive aircraft acquisition service includes, but not limited to the following:

Analysis of clients utilisation requirements to determine appropriate aircraft for their mission

Market assesment of current selling prices

Detailed market research and presentation of suitable aircraft

Accompanied viewings

Preparation and negotiation of offers and contracts

Assistance with pre-purchase inspections

Liason with Escrow Agents

Closing and delivery management

Our aim is to work with you in order to ensure that your acquisition is delivered to you on time and in accordance with your needs and financial requirements.

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