With Jetavia, you can rely on services underpinned by two decades of experience combined with a deep sense of market knowledge and a network of worldwide contacts.

Jetavia's core belief and primary goal is to provide clients with the most current industry knowledge and experience; a vital component in evaluating the many options available to meet their business and private aircraft needs.

Marketing an aircraft is a global business.

The process of selling and marketing an aircraft can demand a vast amount of your time and energy when you or your organisation is in the strategic position of renewing or expanding your fleet.

Establishing the correct value of an aircraft in the present market conditions, effectively and pro-actively marketing it in the right places, dealing with the subsequent enquiries and then successfully taking an enquiry all the way through the delicate process of viewings, negotiations, creation of legal contracts, secure handling of client monies, assisting with pre-buy inspections, correct transfer of title, administration of de-registration and arranging delivery requires substantial commitment of time, effort, knowledge and experience.

Unless you have invested in these resources, you need the expertise of an aircraft sales professional, just as would need the expertise of an accountant or a lawyer.

With millions of dollars at stake, the way you go about selling an aircraft can easily save a substantial amount of dollars.

In most cases you have three options:

1. Sell it to a dealer

A quick and easy way, but expect to leave at least 10%-15% on the table. A high price to pay for convenience.

2. Sell it yourself

Expect many dealer offers, unless you invest substantial time, effort and money in advertising and making hundreds of calls to potential buyers. You may still leave 5% to 10% on the negotiating table without considerable investment in learning exactly what similar aircraft are selling for. Under this scenario, everyone including brokers are negotiating "against" you. Statistically, 90% of aircraft for sale by owner sell via a broker.

3. Appoint a professional aircraft broker

When you appoint Jetavia, we actively negotiate "for" you to maximize your position. For the fraction of the cost of the first two alternatives, we can maximize your productivity by getting you the highest possible price with least amount of hassles. Your savings of time, effort and most importantly, money can be substantial.

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